15 Apr 2010

Maybelline Super Stay 24 hour Stretch Formula

I got a sample through the post from Maybelline with their new Super Stay 24 hour flex formula and I thought lets give it a whirl. I got 003 Sand and it's a little bit dark for me however I really like it!


I'm saying now I've only used it once and this mini review is definately not 100% accurate. I am, however, 100% impressed with how well this foundation applies and how it feels on my skin. It is very light, I applied it with my fingers and there were no streaks or patches that highlight my dryer places on my forehead.

I do like the way it gives reasonable coverage, but doesn't look cakey. I still need to use concealer under my eyes and on red patches, but I've not yet found a foundation that manages to cover those all day. I'm quite happy with how it sits on my skin and I can't feel that I have anything on. When I touch my face it does transfer and this is one of the things it claims not to do so I'm quite disappointed with that, especially as I have a stand up collar on my work uniform and I look a bit trampy with transfer around it all the time.

I don't know if it lasts all day and on my skin it probably won't and I generally 'top up' my makeup early evening. Having said that, seeing as it's on offer at Boots at the moment for £6.99 (Usual RRP £8.99) I would, at the moment, consider this as a cheap alternative to my Clinique. I would definately go and get another sample and see how it lasts through a day at work.

Have any of you tried this foundation? What did you think?



  1. Hi its TAK from BeautyJudge, I'm finally getting around to adding everyones's blogs!


  2. Hi,

    I recently bought a bottle of this in Sand (I think its also too neutral/pinky for me).. Then I recieved a sample.. Doh!

    Anyway, I really dont like it! Im sure it contributes to my spots, and because I have oily skin I feel it just doesn't stay put or last at all.. which is really the opposite of what I thought it would do judging by the advertising etc.

    ..another one to give to my Mum probably! :)

    Hello to a fellow Beauty Judge! (Im Nikki2009 on there) ;0)