2 Apr 2010


This is a short post just for now. I can't remember how many days it's been since I started using the Sally Hansen Nail Growth Polish and to be really honest it hasn't worked as I've chewed off my nails worse than I probably would have if they were left natural.

In fact, after putting actual coloured polish on, they lasted a lot longer.

There were two things I didn't/don't like about the Sally Hansen polish.
1. Although it applied lovely, it peeled incredibly easily and for someone who bites their nails, that's instant temptation right there.

2. It made my nails go a yellowy, oldish colour as if I'd been smoking for a week without washing my hands. I thought it might just be my hands, but it went the strange colour on my toenails too. Not very attractive.

However, I do like the idea and because you don't need to remove the varnish, your nails would become stronger and harder to break. But, I don't think it worked for me seeing as my nails take such a battering (even trying not to bite them).

I'm going to leave them to recover for a few days and try it again for just a week and see if it was just my impatience that ruined the test.

Hope you're all looking forwards to the weekend as much as I am :)


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