6 Mar 2010


These are a couple of pictures of how my hair was before I redyed it:

You can see just how much it's faded and it looks like a quite nice auburn colour. The close up was meant to show you a strand of hair that had completely lost the henna and was my normal colour, but I don't think it's come out as well as I would have liked.

And now for after:

Mega orange hair again, but it's in much better condition after using the henna a second time as well as slapping a load of retread on too.

I don't really understand the retread because when you put normal conditioner on, you can instantly feel how moisturised your hair is, but with this it still feels strawlike and horrible AND it doesn't spread through your hair as easily as normal shampoo so there's no results until you wash it off and afterwards your hair feels gorgeous.

I have to admit, I don't brush my hair at all any more. I used to brush it every morning before school or as I was strightening it, but now I don't do either. I think I brush it about once a week now and just finger brush it as it's drying so I really do rely on conditioner to keep my hair strong and glossy as well as detangled.

I'm not sure I'm completely sold on retread, but I have only used it twice so I'll let you know what my hair is like after I've used the whole pot. There's a conditioner available from Lush designed to help with hair that is abused daily with heat so I might give that a whirl.

Now to something I should have done a while ago. My hands! I've been using Smitten for about a month(?) now and I laaarve it. The before photos are pretty shoddy to be honest and if you can see the whitish areas on my hands, particularly between my fingers and on the webbing bit between my thumb and rest of my hand, they're the bits that are affected the worst. Then I get cracks like little papercuts appearing on my finger knuckles which is incredibly painful when I wash my hands or bend my fingers so Smitten has helped a lot.


And after:

The quality of my photos has degraded ALOT and I apologise for that :)

I'm using all of the products I bought/got free on Thursday over this weekend/next week so I'll post a few reviews on them over the coming few days.

I'm so happy my follower numbers keep rising! I hope you all like it and I might do a little competition soon to reward you all :) Thank you so much!


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