19 Mar 2010

Sally Hansen Challenge

I have a few things planned for tomorrow
1. Photos showing you how good the redness solution I bought from Clinique is.
2. Mascara comparison photos

And some other goodies I'm thinking about :)

Tonight I'm going to introduce the Sally Hansen Maximum Nail Growth polish. I bought this to help my nails grow! I've been applying it my my nails on my left hand for about three days now.


The only qualm I have about this product is that it claims to help bitten nails grow. Now, yes I can imagine that nails that are short will grow with extra protection from this product (or in fact any polish), but if I keep biting my nails, it's pretty pointless. So, what I'm consciously doing is trying not to bite my nails and see how fast they grow in the next two weeks. I've been biting my nails since I can remember so this is an incredible feat for me! Like a smoker not having a fag in two weeks.

It's because of the fact I've never, ever let my nails grow before (and so can't compare the growth after using the polish to anything) that I'm only applying it to one hand, so I can see if there's a change in growth from one hand to the other.

I have to say that I've completely hacked my nails off today so tomorrow I'll take a 'before' photo (despite having used it for three days, since I've chewed my nails, there's not much point including them) and begin the two weeks from then.

Wish me luck and remember to check out tomorrows post!

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