29 Mar 2010

Problem Hair

I didn't post yesterday due to it being quite sunny outside and having a meeting at work which was pretty rubbish and the overwhelming need for a bath.

I used the Floating Island Bath melt which smells absolutely gorgeous, but doesn't produce any bubbles. So I bashed a load of Radox in and had a glorious bubbly bath.

However I have discovered a problem. Yesterday Olie commented on how my hair looked wet along my parting. When I touched it it felt hard and sticky/wet - as if I'd put gel in my hair. It's horrible! I've washed my hair three times now and I'm waiting for my hair to dry this time, but the past two times, it's come back and felt disgusting, looking as if I've not washed my hair in days.

I thought it might be to do with not rinsing my hair well of the shampoo I put in, but I stood for a good 5 - 6 minutes under the shower (which I'd turned down cold) to thoroughly rinse my hair. And it still came back.

Today I've used a different shampoo and properly lathered it up and scrubbed. I don't know if my excessive scrubbing is causing my hair to go into overdrive and create massive amounts of grease, but I didn't scrub to start with.


Has anyone else had anything like this? I know I sound so grubby, but I really don't know what to do about it :(


Ps. It's just about dried now and it seems to have gone. I don't know what I'd got on my head, but it was horrific!


  1. Maybe try putting a deep conditioner on it next time you wash it... do you use quite a lot of product in your hair? It might be down to washing your hair too often as well?

  2. You should use washing up liquid to wash your hair once a month as it completely removes any build up and gets rid of all dirt in your hair :)
    It might have been caused by all the oils in the Radox and the Lush Bath Melt as I think the bath melts are all oil based. You could try not using the Radox or Bath Melt next time to see if it makes any difference?

  3. @Caz Would washing up liquid affect the colour of my hair because it's dyed?

    @Alison I don't put any product in my hair and I've washed it everyday since I was 16 so I don't know why it's suddenly changed now!

    Thank you for replying!