4 Mar 2010

Pick n Mix

So I'm now sat with clingfilm round my head once again and a delightful towel over it. Woo for me looking absolutely attractive. Ha.

I went to Boots today (what would we do without it?) and I spent a lot. And I went to Lush and I spent a little.

So in Boots I headed over to Benefit because my little sample thing of Boi-ing 02 in the Realness of Concealness Kit is running out/disappeared and I wanted to try the Boi-ing 01 because it's lighter, and with my gingerness I now have a pale-and-interesting look about me.

I applied a little bit of it just before I did my hair and I have to say the texture of it is so much nicer than the sample thing in the kit. And the colour is also really nice which I wasn't expecting due to some bad reviews on the colours in Bo-ing 01 AND 02. Anyways, I was pleasantly surprised by that.

And it matches my new foundation. I was recommended Boots No7 foundation by Jemma, although when I was in the shop I couldn't remember which one she had said to get, so I asked a nice woman and she sorted me out with the Lift and Luminate Foundation in Porcelain 03. It's really quite nice although it smells just like some sun cream you might buy when on holiday. The woman said that the lightest of light coloured foundation was my colour exactly. And yes, in the bright stunning lights of Boots it was, but I asked to see the next tone down (which confuses me because it's 03 and wouldn't it be 02 if it was the second lightest) and it was this one, which looked reasonably dark when she applied it on my jaw, but I thought meh! I'll give it a go. And hallelujah it matches my face in the daylight. Seeing as I've never had a skin/foundation match at a counter before I think it worked pretty well. It cost me £15 for 30ml which doesn't look a lot, but I think it will last a decent amount of time.


While I was at the stand I saw the No7 foundation brush and I thought I might as well (I was in that kind of mood) and so I got that and qualified for a free gift. It comes in a nice purple travel makeup bag and there's an array of delights inside. I haven't used them yet, but I definately will. One of them is designed for men so I'll get olie to test it and give you his thoughts on what he reckons to it (don't be expecting much though).

So what it comes with is:

Extreme Length mascara (Black)
High Shine Lip Gloss (Smile)
Protect and Perfect Intense Beauty Serum
Age Defence Cleanser
Time Resisting Day Cream
Stay Perfect Eye Shadow (Khaki)
For Men Protect and Perfect Moisturising Eye Cream

Now I've tried the Day Cream before and it's lovely. It's a beautiful balance of moisturising lightness that I love so I'm quite pleased with that.

Now for what I bought in Lush. Because I've begun to curl my hair (because I think it looks rubbish straight this colour) my hair is really dry. Not to say it wasn't before, but it's really noticable now it's orange. So I thought, the best place to get something to help it is Lush.


I bought Retread which was recommended to me by a lovely guy with long glossy hair. It cost me a little over £8 and I think it'll be worth it. Lush products usually are and I'm going to use it trying to get this cack off my head.

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