14 Mar 2010

No7 Time Resisting Day Cream

I feel a bit better today; much better after eating a maaahuuusive Sunday Dindins made by the lovely Olie.

Today I thought I'd return to the skincare basics and talk about another of the freebies I got. As I said before, I've used the No7 Time Resisting Day Cream before and I really liked it. And after using it the past week I still really like it.


I received a 15ml pot of this cream and it's the same size as the one my mum gave me aaages ago. It lasted me a fair while so the larger pot you can buy will last you for at least a few months.
I like the texture of this cream and it's just a right balance between lightness and heaviness, so you actually feel like you have something on your skin, but it's light enough to sink in really quick. Aka, perfect for under makeup. It has a definate scent as I recognise it from when I used it before, but it's very subtle and I doubt you'll notice it until you've had a break from it and started re-using it (like me).

I looked on the Boots website and the reviews were mostly positive with one review stating that it made the customers face 'shiney'. Now, I'm not the most educated person on moisturisers, but I wouldn't expect a moisturiser to matify my face. I found that quite an odd comment. Would you expect a moisturiser to matte your face? And is there one out there that does? I might try it if there is!

It costs £16.50 for 50ml which is quite expensive, however the No7 range seems to be quite popular with all age ranges and with SPF15 and hypoallergenic qualities, maybe the price is worth it.
I especially like the SPF15 as there is no excuse not to protect your skin. (My grandma had skin cancer, fought it off and now cannot spend too long in the sunshine without her skin reacting badly). I seriously cannot stress how important it is to protect your skin. Your face in particular as the skin is so fragile and how better to protect it than with products you use on a regular basis anyway!

(little rant over lol)

I really like this cream although 'time resisting' might be a bit far fetched. Any long term moisturiser usage will help reduce lines and sagginess.

Overall, I would rate this product 8/10 as I like the results this product does to my skin (soft, revitalised etc), but personally, as a student the price is a little steep and I don't really like the packaging.

I've not mentioned the packaging so far, but the pot has a very narrow opening and a wide body so getting all the product out is quite difficult. On the little pot I have I have to put my finger in, then bend it, then twizzle the pot round to get the cream out of the pot. Bit of a faff. Too much of a faff some days. This problem might not be so bad with the larger pot, but I dislike the little pots.

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