7 Mar 2010

No7 Lift and Luminate Foundation

I got the No7 Life and Luminate foundation the other day and I've worn it for however many days I've had it.

I'll start with the cons:
1. I HAVE to apply it with my fingers because it sits ON my skin so much it kind of smooches about and slides all over the place. Brushes just make it look streaky.
2. It is VERY luminating - to the point that people can't look at me I shine that much. Would deffo recommend using a powder over the top. Even the no7 Matte Base didn't stop the shine.
3. It doesn't last all day. Constant reapplication needed.
4. It doesn't cover anything. I gives a reasonable coverage after three aplications, but then I'm literally just moving what I put on before all over my face. I have some redness still left on my face after using benefit Boi-ing (which I kind of expect because I have chronic redness) so I want at least SOME coverage from my foundation. This just doesn't do it.
5. After comparing it to my Clinique I would definately spend the extra however much (I still haven't looked at the price) just because after getting the hang of applying it (the clinique), I manage to achieve a flawless finish and if I couldn't be bothered I wouldn't need to apply powder.
6. It smells like suncream. Yes, it has an SPF 15, but so does the Clinique and even Boots 17 foundations have an SPF value and they manage to smell neutral. Good for a novelty factor, but after everyday use; quite annoying.
7. The feeling of it on my skin. It feels quite moisturising for a while, but then I realise it's just sat on my skin and doesn't actually 'mould' to my face. It's like wearing a mask that you can't breathe in. I can't really describe the feeling better than that.

1. Very good quality colour and tones. The colour is quite a good match for my skin.
2. Easy to use pump packaging. Very tidy. Easy to see when you need to buy more.
3. Reasonably cheap at around £11.

So, just a quick comparison and a few thoughts on the foundation. For me, not worth the money. Although my thoughts on things tend to change quite rapidly, I don't think my opinion on this will change as fast.

For a look at why this post is so late, check out Pea, my other blog. I'm so chuffed with what we did today :)


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