2 Mar 2010

Natural Collection Blush

I went on a random trip to Boots today to get another Rimmel Exaggerate liquid eyeliner and some natural collection loose powder. Both are excellent products and complete value for money.

So, as always there's some nice looking offer on to tempt you into buying more than you need (as if we need even more temptation) and there's a 'buy 3 for £5' offer on for natural collection so I got my loose powder (as always) and then I saw some blush. I've seen some reviews on the creme blush, but this is a normal powder based one and I liked it. I only have one blush and it smashed a looooong time ago so I thought meh, what the hell.

This is the blush I bought. Sorry about the quality of the picture. It's in Pink Cloud and cost me all of £1.95. I expected it to smell of really cheap, nasty chemical horribleness, but it is incredibly odourless. Not only does it smell of nothing, but it applies really well. I put it on with a blush brush from M&S and it's given me a rosey look that isn't too in-your-face. I thought that with my red hair and blotchy complexion that I would look like a complete clown, but no, I was blown away with how lovely and natural it looks. Quite a surprise product!

Worth buying, even if you're used to higher range products. Well worth the price!

Along with the powder and blush I also bought some neutral nail polish to help stop me bite my nails. Boots 17 collection have brought out some really bright colours for spring and I bought the orange/coral one because I have a thing for orange at the moment.

Ta'ra for now x

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