11 Mar 2010

Maybelline Great Lash Mascara

I bought this ages ago and I instantly liked it. Some people complain that the wand clumps the lashes and that they dislike it's length, but I happen to love the length as it's really easy to use and, as I happen to cover most of my eyelids at the same time as my lashes, this wand makes it really hard to do that. I also found that it didn't clump, but made my lashes look fuller and longer AND fanned the lashes out to make them look EVEN bigger.

I took a couple of photos with the mascara on so you can see the effect it gives me.

Fuller. And thicker. Equals perfect.

The packaging is quite cute, but fairly small for the price. I bought this when it was on offer so I got it for under £5, however I think it's usually about £6/£7 (I'm not actually sure). I like it's smalleness though, because it fits into a 'going out' bag alongside my phone and everything that Olie requires me to cram in.

This is definately on my repurchase list as soon as it runs out.


  1. love that mascara! looks good on u! :)


  2. Your lashes look so great! I'll definitely have to check out this mascara next time I go out to buy one :-)

    Have a wonderful day!