31 Mar 2010

Cosmetic Surgery

I've just seen a programme on Virgin1 about Boob Envy. I have quite small boobs and I'm not particularly happy with them, but surgery seems so extreme that I don't think I would ever consider it. Or not at this stage in my life anyways.

There are some people like Katie price who go over the top with her fakery and although she seems to do it just for publicity she looks really comfortable being completely fake. However, there are some that seem to do it for security reasons to feel comfortable with themselves - aka Heidi Montag. I don't know whether to believe she's done it for security reasons or just to boost her image within Hollywood.


What do you make of this? Would you have plastic surgery?


  1. What a coincidence, just today I was watching a special on cosmetic surgery on VH1.

    I have no problem with people wanting to fix themselves up if it makes them feel better. There are many celebrities or wannabe celebrities that do it because they want to be noticed or think that by changing themselves that it'll get them better opportunities.

    Peronally, at this moment in time I wouldn't do anything to myself. The idea of purposefully putting myself underneath the knife freaks me out. I had two major operations last year-for health reasons- and the feeling you get after you wake up from the anesthesia is horrible and the pain even worse.

    There are many ways that people can enhance their beauty and self confidence w/o going underneath the knife (make-up, exercise, good eating habits, flattering wardrobe)

  2. I think it's so sad- her face was so much prettier before and it's such a shame that she obviously couldn't see that before she went ahead with the surgery.

    Personally I'm very ok with the idea of botox and a little nip/tuck here and there on other people has never offended me. I just think it's really sad when people are so self depricating and blinded to their natural beauty that they want change themselves permenantly to fit certain ideals.

    But I cannot deny that I would never say no to getting rid of my forehead wrinkles when they appear haha!

  3. Thank you both for commenting!

    @emmakarolina I've never had surgery/operations of any kind (touch wood) and I think it'd be the pain afterwards that would completely put me off having anything cosmetic done. Hope you're okay now :)

    @BeautiK my mum has had some filler put in her forehead wrinkles and she's much more confident with herself so I agree that a little bit can sometimes be good :D

  4. The only cosmetic surgery I would consider is on my nose. I broke it when I was little and it has a very large bump in the bridge. Most people tell me they don't notice, or they do, but don't think "OMG LOOK AT HER TERRIBLE NOSE" or "if only her nose were straight", they just think, "oh yeah, i just noticed she has a bump in her nose". But I don't really want it doing to look good for anyone else.. I want it doing for me. If I'm able to save the money for it, I will get it done one day.

    I also lost 5 stone from the age of 18-21, and obviously that had an effect opn my boobs. From DD to a B cup, they're not as perky as they were. I sometimes think surgery would be nice but I;m not gunna go get hung up on it and save my money. If I came into some cash or someone paid for it for free or whatever, sure, why not? But I don't really mind.

  5. I too think it's a bit extreme.. plus it looks bloody sore and I can't deal with pain haha.

    I think she actually looks much better BEFORE. Seriously, there was nothing wrong with her but I guess if it's made her happy and secure then so be it.

  6. I had cosmetic surgery on my ear when I was quite young. It was sticky out and my parents made the decicion to get it pinned back into place. I absoloutley hated them at the time for doing it to me. The worst bit for me was when they took the stitching out of my ear and the taking off of the plaster, that always seems to be the worst pain ever. I am more than happy to give blood but I always tell them I'm allergic to plasters so I can have a bandage on after instead of the plaster, which I hate trying to take off. I'm such a woos! haha.
    Anyway, back onto the subject. I guess I would consider a boob job in the future. I fully plan on growing old disgrasfully. However, I don't think I'd ever consider surgery on my face. I'd only be happy doing something like a bum lift, lypo or a boob job because I can hide it better if it goes wrong.

  7. I like all this feedback, it's quite interesting that most of you are not particularly 'fussed' whether people have cosmetic surgery or not. I suppose if I was older and had something that I was specifically unhappy with and it made me cringe everytime I saw it, I might consider it, but then there's a few alternative treatments too.

    Have any of you tried any alternative treatment like light therepy or something like that?