17 Mar 2010

Clinique Redness Base SPF15 & Lush Goodies

I used the redness treatment that I bought yesterday on my face as a base today. I quite liked it although I didn't see too much difference in the colour of my face.

I have to point out though, that I don't constantly look in the mirror (especially not on Wednesdays) so I'm not sure if the redness was noticeably muted or not.

It was really nice to apply and didn't make my face a horrid green colour as I thought it might. It was a good base for my Superfit and to be honest the Superfit was much, much easier to apply. I'll do some more updates on this as I get used to it and start checking up on the state of my face more often :)

Yesterday I also went to Lush. I wanted to get some more melt/bubble bars.

I got five bars, but we used the Mango one tonight so that's why there's only four in the picture.
The white cupcake looking one is a bath melt and is called Floating island.
The brown and white bar is called Ma bar and is a mix of vanilla and toffee.
The one with a flower on is called Pop in the Bath and the final swirly looking one is called French Kiss.

I was mildly impressed with the Mango bar, I came home to a house that smelt wonderful! Olie had run me a really nice bath for when I got home from work :)
It made the bath look grubby, but the smell and the feel of my skin now is so nice. It really relaxed me and I would definately recommend it for when you've had a long day at work.

I'm going to do a step by step tutorial of how to crochet a headband I found at Creativeyarn and I thought it would be a bit different to show you and also get the hang of using my camera (because my pictures are terrible!).


  1. I am also using the Clinique Redness Solutions Base and I really like it. It diminishes the redness on my face, calms my skin and works as an excellent makeup primer!