20 Mar 2010

Clinique High Impact Mascara/Photos

I'm keeping up with this blog and I hope you're all liking it. Sorry about the past few posts being short.

Anyways, here are the before and after photos of the Clinique Redness Solutions Daily Protective Base SPF15.


All I'd done here is wash my face using the St Ives Olive Face Scrub and apply a liberal amount of the Clinique Moisturiser that came with the Clinique Bonus pack.


There's such a difference after applying this that I really really love it. As usual the quality of the photos are really rubbish, but I didn't want to edit them as it might have changed the whole outcome (if that makes sense).

I would say it's well worth the price at £14 as you get 40ml and it only takes a small amount to tone down the redness. After applying the Superfit Foundation I have very little redness left. However, (there's always a however) it doesn't seem to stay put very well on my nose without a lot of rearranging and dabbing and faffing about. This disappoints me a bit because as you can see my redness (although all over my cheeks and lower half of my face) is quite bad around my nose. I think there might be a knack to it and I'm working on it, just like I did with the Superfit.

As a base for my foundation it works wonders. I used the No7 Anti-shine makeup base before and it was so matte that my foundation wouldn't stick to it and so kind of slid around my face. Very weird, so I've given up using it with the Superfit.

Now for the Clinique High Impact Curling Mascara. I showed you a photo of the wand here and I doubted whether the shape would affect the amount of product that was applied to the lashes, but I was quite pleasantly surprised. I'll let you decide for yourselves :)

Here is a before photo of my lashes with nothing on them. I've curled them (not that you can see that, they're incredibly short) and that's it.

As you can see not much is going on with my lashes and I have what Howard Moon has - shrew eyes (LOL).

Anyways, here is a comparison photo of me with one eye 'naked' and the other with a generous amount of Clinique High Impact Mascara on.

Quite a difference don't you think :) I'm actually really impressed with this product. I find that my lashes clump easily with it, but as I've found with all of the Clinique Products I've used recently, there's a definate knack to getting it just right. I found that the wand makes it harder for me to cover my entire face in mascara (which I do daily) and it's much, much easier to get an equal covering of mascara on every lash.

To prove a point with this, I've done another comparison photo with my old favourite Maybelline Great Lash Mascara. I've left the Clinique on the same eye so you can see which is which.

To me although there seems to be less 'clumping' when I use the Maybelline, I think that the Clinique makes my lashes much longer, much more 'fanned out' and just darker. As the name suggests it creates a 'high impact' look.

What do you think?

I've taken photos of my nails today and I'm going to continue on my mission to not bite my nails. Having said that, I'm maybe going to consciously only bite my little fingernails, to ween myself off biting them. I really hope it works!

Ta'ra for now


  1. Your eyelashes look amazing! I've nominated you for a blog award on my blog! Check it out :) xox

  2. I love how the Clinique mascara made your lashes look ever so beautiful!