16 Mar 2010

Clinique Bonus

Yesterday was weirdly busy. I usually do these posts after work and yesterday I came in, ate tea, got ready to go out and out we went. I went out in a VEST. I know it's pretty summery at the moment, but dear god, it was coooooold!

Anyways I apologise for the lack of post yesterday, however today I went shopshopshopping! Of course I went to Boots. I wanted to buy another Clinique Superfit Foundation because I'm really worried about running out halfway through doing my face one morning. It was £20 and to be honest I think it's worth it. So the lady got me the foundation and then said that if I bought something else I'd get a free gift. I bought the Daily Protective Base SPF15 from the Redness Solutions range for £14.

I'm hopeful that this will help my redness over my cheeks because at the moment I use Boi-ing pretty much all over my face and it's far too expensive to be doing that for the forseeable future.

So then I qualified for the free gift!

Lots of pictures in this post and I'm so sorry for the blurriness of some of them.

So in this gift I got:

Rinse-Off Foaming Cleanser
Dramatically Difference Moisturizing Lotion
Clinique Colour Palette (includes Blushing Blush and Colour Surge Eyeshadow Duo)
High Impact Curling Mascara
Long Last Glosswear SPF15

I'm quite pleased considering I didn't even realise there was an offer on. I've put the mascara on and even Olie's said it looks really good. When I get chance I'll take a picture of this compared to the Maybelline Great Lash mascara so you can see.

This a picture of the wand:

I was a bit sceptical about how a curved wand would help the lashes, but now I can compare!

From the picture I hope you can see how big the moisturizer is. I was quite surprised to see just how big it was. I was expecting some tiny tube of it, but it's quite a substantial pot. Same with the Foaming Cleanser. You get 50ml of the cleanser and 30ml of the moisturizer.

The little eye palatte is really cute.

It's quite small, but it's quality.

Overall a nice little package. I also got some Sally Hansen Maximum Growth for my nails. I'm desperate to grow them and I've found that putting polish on helps, but then it's embarrassing to have tiny bits of scraggy colour on my fingers. So there's another thing I'm going to be testing out over the next few weeks.


My review of the day is really short, but hopefully eye opening. The George at ASDA Bronzer smells like suncream and it's quite a strong smell, but very clean at the same time. The colour is really nice and for my fair skin, it's a really good contour colour. I can't remember how much it cost, because I've been using it for aaages (since about November) but that proves that it's worth the buy. It's opened my eyes to using a really basic cosmetic product from somewhere I wouldn't normally buy things like this.

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