27 Mar 2010


I've decided that now is the time to tell you about the No7 Age Defiance cleansing Balm versus the Clinique Foaming Cleanser.

Now, it may have been apparent that I preferred the No7 cleanser and yes, I do. It's applied much like a moisturiser and a little goes quite a long way. It's hypoallergenic, as most No7 products are and I think this might explain the lack of any scent whatsoever. It's quite refreshing to find a product without any smell.

It takes off ALL makeup although to get my mascara off I have to rub a tad more than I'd like.

The best thing about this product (except the way it removes all makeup) is the feel of my face afterwards. Because it's a balm, it feels as if I've just moisturised, but without any greasiness. I don't have any tightness or dry patches and due to this I've not had to moisturise at all afterwards.

In contrast with this, I've used the Clinique Foaming Moisturiser twice. I found it foamed really well meaning there was only need to use a small amount. I didn't feel any tightness although it did feel very, very clean and I had to moisturise after cleansing to make my face feel a bit more 'normal'.
The first time I used this my face became very red and rash like. Even Olie commented on how red my face was. The second time I used this, the redness wasn't so bad although I used it in the morning rather than nighttime so I put makeup on pretty soon after cleansing.

The No7 is much more gentle than the Clinique and I think my reaction has tainted my view on the product although I can see why people would choose to use it. Both clean off makeup extremely well, both apply well and both feel nice on the face. I think it would be an idea to try a tester out before buying the actual products.

The No7 retails at £8.50 for 200ml whilst the Clinique is £14.50 for 150 ml. Although I quite like the CLinique , I personally would choose the cheaper No7.

I hope this is helpful, despite my biased view! I've tried to be fair!

I'll do another review later today, sorry for the late post!


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