10 Mar 2010

Benefit Boi-ing 01

I wrote 4,000 words yesterday, did a first draft, edit and final print out. God, I am amazing, but I still have to edit the second piece of work and do the final doobery. Eek.

But, I'm incredibly bored with it (the topic is anaerobic digestion if anyone's got any good info on it) and have decided that writing on here is much less stressful.


I bought Benefit Boi-ing in 01 last Thursday and it's completely different to the sample I got in the Realness of Concealness kit. I said in my previous post that it was a different texture and that it most definately is. It's a lot creamier and smoother to apply. I don't think it's quite as industrial, but it gives quite outstanding coverage. I have to say I will probably repurchase, even at the staggering price of £16.50.

It covers redness quite well although I probably wouldn't use it if I had massive overpowering pores because my, reasonably small pores, are highlighted by it unless I do a lot of blending.

having said that it's a smashing product. And after going onto the benefit website, there seems to be three shades of Boi-ing (which I wasn't aware of) so woo to those of you that are lucky enough to have tans.

Short, but sweet. I have some time off tomorrow and no more essays - for a while - so I'll give you a few more reviews of the things I bought last week.


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