22 Mar 2010

10 tips

At the moment I have don't particularly have anything to review. I'm still testing a few things out and seeing if they are worth buying again/at all, but I'm not at a stage to actually give any feedback.


Today I thought it might be an idea to recommend some products/tips that I always go back to/ use when I feel a need to.

1. Aqueous Cream

I've done a review of this here, and I cannot stress how lovely it is. It relieves any itchiness or dry patches without feeling greasy and can be used ANYWHERE on the body. Please note: by anywhere I mean ON the body, not in the body, so don't try putting this on your mouth ulcers. I doubt it would do much good :)

2. Back to basics, Soap and Water.

I know some people say that using ordinary soap can damage your skin and dry it out by removing natural oils, but I actually find that after a lot of outbreaks using soap and water a few times a week can dramatically improve the state of my skin. However, using a steady cleansing routine can sometimes reduce outbreaks.

3. Don't use the same cream day in day out when dealing with spots.

I had quite bad spots. I didn't have acne, but whatever spots I did get, I picked so much they got seriously infected and lasted for literally months. I found that after using a particular cream every time I had a spot, eventually the cream didn't make any difference to the spot, so by changing creams every so often, I had a better chance of getting rid of the infection.
(how many times can I fit cream into a sentence really lol)

4. Sleep

Sleep is THE best thing for any kind of maladie. Whether it be a skin complaint, cold, cough or whatever. Whenever I have anything wrong with me I go to bed. For the body, sleep is a time when it can recharge, revitalise and get to work on the bits of you that aren't functioning properly. I find that lots of sleep helps, but TOO much sleep can also negatively affect whatever you've got wrong with you. You need to find a good balance of sleep, exercise and a good diet that suits your body. Once you've found that, it will be easier to treat any problems you do have.

5. Exfoliate

Exfoliation, whether you do it once a week or one a day, will help your skin breathe. I exfoliate my face every morning and night with the St Ives Olive Oil face scrub, and although I have quite sensitive skin I find this doesn't leave my face bright red or feeling tight. If you've experienced problems with exfolitors before, it might be that you used one that isn't suited to your skin type. I've had quite a bit of trouble finding one that doesn't irritate my skin, but this scrub seems to clean my face without troubling it.

With regards to exfoliating your body, I've done a review of exfoliating gloves here. I do this every day during my morning shower and my skin glows in the summer months. I find I feel much cleaner and get less/no spots on my thighs, upper arms and back and as I used to suffer from body spots quite a bit, they're miracle workers!

6. Be happy

This is pretty self explainatory. If you eat well, exercise and so on your body will feel happier so you'll be mentally happier and be prepared to eat well, exercise and so on meaning blah blah blah. You get the gist, it's a catch 22!

7. Treseme

I'm not one for sticking to a particular hair product, but if my hair feels lank, dirty or just horrible in general, I go out, buy a massive bottle of Treseme shampoo and one of conditioner and slap them on.

One thing I've noticed recently is a rise in discussions surrounding cowashing (washing your hair with just conditioner). I'm really dubious about using conditioner to clean my hair so when my hair starts getting frizzy and dull I use a load of conditioner on all of my hair (from the roots to the tips) then wash out thoroughly. After that I apply shampoo only to the roots to properly clean them.
Then I put more conditioner on the ends. I have quite damaged hair due to daily heat use and by only shampooing the roots, I don't dry out the ends.

I do this double conditioning about once a week, just to put some shine into the roots without making my hair look greasy. Otherwise I just shampoo the tops and condition the ends. It makes the bottles last a lot longer as well as you're only using a tiny amount of both conditioner and shampoo.

8. Moisturise!

By moisturising after showering/bathing you lock in the moisture that you need into your skin. I did a review on the Evolve Mega Omega Moisture Cream here.

9. Don't pick!

Don't pick your spots or scabs or you'll end up with scars. I have quite a few scars and things over my legs and upper arms. I love picking off my scabs and it's really hard not to, especially when they start puckering up at the edges. Just use the image of horrible scars to put you off. I works (a bit) with me!

10. Keep your hands clean.

I'm sure you all wash your hands and are very sanitary people, but it is the simplest way to keep germs and bacteria off your face. It's easy to touch something and then touch your face thereby transferring germs from the thing to your eyes/mouth or nose. Anti-bacterial gel is a real gem for keeping your hands clean on the go and it's quite cheap too.

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