28 Feb 2010


I know this isn't technically the 27th, but I'm still awake so I count it as the 27th :)

I've just got out some trusty sudocreme. I have never ever bought sudocreme, I stole this little tub from my mum when I came to Uni and before then I can't remember a time we didn't have it. Well, you know how it is, mothers buy things when they run out and so on and as I was applying this to a beast of a spot, I just happened to have a look at the expiry date.

The expiry date is September 1999.

Er, just to check, but this is 2010 right? So, lets say we bought this a reasonably sensible two years before the expiry date. That means we've had this badboy for 13/14 years. And I have just put it on my face.

Now, if this was any other product I might freak and be like 'oh my god, I've just covered my face in mould', but no. And I'll tell you why.

Sudocreme is AY-MAY-ZING. And if it ran out in 1999 and me, my mum and brother have been using this throughout the past decade - and it's worked - despite being out of date, then why shouldn't it work now. And I'm pretty sure that in the morning the beast of a spot will have shrunk in size considerably.

This product is an investment (if you can call it that), it works and it last a veeerrrry long time because you need very little in order for it to work. This little tub is a beauty and even when I've finished it (because there's still a bit left) I'm keeping the tub as it'll be vintage by then.

If you have any skin problems or have hurt/grazed yourself then GET SOME OF THIS!

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