14 Feb 2010

Shopping in Lush

I went to Lush today. I know a lot of people have been talking about Lush quite a bit recently and they've influenced me to go and have a look. After buying the hand cream which is working really well - I'll remember to get photos of how my hands have improved - and after having our water heater fixed so we can now have a bath instead of quick showers, we decided to get some bath bombs.

So in we went and got three bathbombs:
Magic Mushroom

The Sex bomb


And then we were having a quick look at shampoos and other hair things and a lady came and told us about henna colouring.

I got a sample (I say a sample it was two blocks of the stuff) of caca rouge and I'm currently sat with a bit of my hair in clingfilm. I'll post a picture of the result tomorrow when it's daylight and it's coloured proper. There was another lady that had been using it for a while and her hair looked gorgeous so I thought I'd give it a go.

I'm really worried however that I'll end up with 'tie dye' hair that'll fade and look absolutely horrific in a few weeks... but maybe I'm getting a bit ahead of myself because I only put the sample on an hour ago.

To apply you put a block of it into hot water and slap it on your scalp. Pretty random seeing as it looks like cowpat material. But we'll see if it works. I'll update a bit later on so watch this space!


So, I've taken the first sample piece out and it's an orangey, redish tinge, but nothing special. Typical 'tie dye' look. I'm leaving the next piece in a bit longer and then I'm going to put another piece in clingfilm and keep it in overnight. Then I'll get an even better idea of what it'll look like :)


I've taken the second piece of clingfilm off and the colour has improved, but only slightly so I've covered another piece of hair in the goo again. It seemed to mix better this time because it had already been wet so I think it'll work better. It was red, but it looked like that stuff you spray on for red nose day. I'm hoping that it'll go a richer colour tomorrow morning.
This time as well as putting the clingfilm on, I blew it with the hairdrier for 5 minutes to heat it up slightly then covered the clingfilm in foil to keep the heat in. I'm also wearing a woolly hat. I hope this works. I'll do it again tomorrow if it does :)


It's about 10pm in the 15th, but I thought I'd update on this post to keep it all together.
The sample I put in last night looks ALOT better than the first two, but I think we made the mixture a bit wetter so Top Tip there: make sure it's really creamy wet, not brittle. The colour is red, but not really bright red, it's an orangey flame red so I'm not really sure whether to do my whole head - however, I'm going to go into Lush tomorrow and buy some more rouge and some marron or brun, so if it does look absolutely horrenous I can correct it asap. I'll keep you updated on a different post :)

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