24 Feb 2010

No7 Brushes

Today I've decided to stay on the makeup track instead of veering back to skincare (although I do live skincare).

I'm going to review two brushes I bought at Boots: the No7 Blush brush and No7 Powder Brush. I bought them both when they were on offer with a voucher so I didn't pay very much for them at all - probably like £4 - but I honestly can't remember.

Anyways, both brushes have synthetic hair and I've not noticed any shedding which is a bonus. They pick up product well and apply well. The blush brush I tend to use for bronzer, but only because I don't wear blush too much (I have horrendous redness in my face).

The powder brush is almost as big as half my face and so applied product reasonably evenly. I would recommend washing both brushes a few times before using them because, the powder brush in particular was quite stiff and scratchy although it's turned quite soft now.

I'm not quite sure how much the blush brush is usually as there seem to be two 'No7 Blush Brush' on the Boots website, but it's either £8 or £11 with the powder brush being priced at £11. I also couldn't find any decent pictures of the brushes so later today or whenever I have chance I will take a few pics of the ones I have.

I've also not forgotten about the pictures of my hands before and after using Smitten. The before photos are pretty dark and you can't really see how badly cracked my hands are so I've been putting off posting them. I will try to enhance them a bit when I have time.

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