23 Feb 2010

Lush Bathy Bathey things

I left this a little late, but I have to deliver a stonking seminar tomorrow at 9.30am and I hadn't actually started it until about 1ish today so yeah. Unorganised to the max.

Today I'm going to review two of the bath bombs I bought in Lush a few weeks back. The first is the Magic Mushroom. The smell was gorgeous and the bubbles were immense, they literally got as high as my face when I sat in the bath. We helped them along a bit though with lots of hand swishing. Comparing this to the sex bomb though, it was a definate repurchase because sex bomb was - to put it bluntly - rubbish. It turned the water pink and gave us three seconds of joy as it fizzled about producing a flower, but then the flower disintegrated and 'petals' got stuck in my hair etc and there were no bubbles to think of despite major hand swishing. So, for the money I would buy the mushroom again.

However, I went into my local Lush store on Sunday and it wasn't there! Has anyone else experienced this? They're still online though for £2.25 so I might have to order some instead. bit gutted at this because I like wandering around with the bag and sniffing it occasionally. LOL.

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