9 Feb 2010

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So, I'm making this blog on the side of my normal blog which you can find here. Go check it out. It's basically my Outfit of the Day blog with a few extras and a bit of rambling. THIS blog is going to focus on beauty and makeup reviews.

I joined BeautyJudge early last month and I love it! Go look and add your reviews, they're so helpful when picking out products for yourself.

Today I'm going to review Smitten and Creme Anglaise. I bought these hand butters from Lush yesterday.

Firstly Smitten. I don't particuarly like the smell - it's meant to smell of almonds - but I love how it moisturises my hands without feeling too greasy. The same goes for Creme Anglaise, but it smells a lot nicer. I tested them last night by putting the Creme Anglaise on my own hands, which were really cracked along the knuckles and then slapping on a loads of Smitten on my boyfriend, Olies (you'll hear about him more as this blog continues - great tester) hands. He thought that Smitten was quite greasy, but then his hands are nowhere near as dry as mine so that might be why. However, they both sunk in really quick.
We put them on just before going to bed so this morning we had a quick compare and although his hands weren't as damaged as mine were we both noticed a visible improvement in the softness and suppleness of the skin.

Smitten cost me £6.10 which is quite expensive when you first consider it, but after using it and seeing/ feeling the results, I would definately recommend this to anyone who suffers dry hands like I do (mine crack along the knuckles and down the fingers which hurts A LOT).

I was given a sample of the Creme Anglaise and after looking online it cost a whopping £25 for 225grams which is quite expensive. I don't think I would buy this again although I do really like the texture and smell. I think I'd probably go and experiment with different products before shelling out that much. For now Smitten will do me just fine :)

Both pictures were taken from the Lush website.


  1. Just found your blog through the BeautyJudge whos online bit :)
    I love Lush but haven't tried either of these two, I really want to try lemony flutter too


  2. I smelt lemony flutter today when I was in Lush. Smelt gorgeous