26 Feb 2010

Haircut time

I have decided to get my hair cut. And I've found how I want it. This girl is utter inspiration and I love her blog too.

I know it's not beauty, but art inspires beauty.

My review today is on eyeliner.
I currently use the Rimmel Exaggerate Eyeliner and I really like it because of the felt tip style end. I find it easier to apply even though it's thicker than a more precise eyeliner. Easiness is the key when you've got exactly 3 minutes to apply your complete makeup.


I've tried using others, but this is the best for staying ability, quality and ease of removal. It does sting quite a lot of you get it in your eye, but I'm sure that getting it in your eye isn't a particular aim of anyone's on a morning.

It costs about £4.99 from Boots and the reviews on there talk for themselves.

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