25 Feb 2010

Google Front Page

I just googled my blog because I've just cleaned out my 'cache' seeing as my laptop was going superslow and I'm on the first page (yay!) albeit whoever is googling needs to type in 'pea' and 'makeup' which is quite a weird combo, but I'm quite chuffed that advertising has got this far.

I'm determined to write on this blog every day and I think I've done alright so far. so today I'm going to review something that I think is quite a helpful product.

Aqueous cream comes in all sorts of different packaging, but I managed to find a picture of the one I have.

I got this from my grandma who was recommended it by her GP. She had a lot of itchy scarring after an operation and this cream soothed the area as well as helping the scarring to a) heal completely and b) creating skin that wasn't as red as normal scarring might be when it first forms.

I used to have immense spots. Like I picked my pimples I also mutilated my spots. My spots started out normal, but ended up like massive craters on my face. Attractive(!) So my nan gave me this cream in order to stop the scabs itching and me picking them off. Safe to say it worked and I still have it for when I have dry skin or just need a pick-me-up moisturiser.

For anyone who has scarring I would totally recommend this product, especially if they're recent scars and are still angry red or if a wound is healing and it's itching as the skin is being pulled together.

After looking on the internet, it seems this can be used as a cleanser too and actually thinking about it, it would work really well as it's a nice texture and thickness for something like that, although I've not tried it myself. I may give it a go though. On the nhs website, it recommends using it as a replacement for soap if you have allergic reactions to soap, or if you find that soap drys your hands too much. I might give that a go as well.

Aqueous cream is not at all greasy (I love it because of that) and it sinks in really well leaving your skin feeling much fresher. However, after researching it a bit more, apparently it doesn't sink in much, but it creates a barrier over the surface of your skin to stop moisture escaping.

Anyways, I like this product and I would recommend this product to anyone and everyone regardless!

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