24 Feb 2010

Exfoliating Gloves = God sent hand covers

Hello again, this post is about exfoliation gloves.


I used to have rather pimply upper arms - not the lovely toned badboys that Mrs Obama has - and I used to pick at these pimples and as a result I have quite a lot of scarring. If you weren't looking though you wouldn't see the scars because I have quite blotchy freckled skin so it all intermingles and I just look plain weird.


Then I bought some exfoliation gloves from The Body Shop which I adored. After constant exfoliation for about two weeks I didn't have one pimple anywhere (I obviously didn't use it on my face, that would just have been insane, especially with the state of it already), so I was really pleased.

Now that I live in a house that has no radiators/heaters in the bathroom, I tend not to take that long in the shower and my exfoliation gloves have practically grown mould. Cutting a long story short, my pimples have come back and I'm now having to stop myself running into town instead of going to University.

I love these things! Do shop around though because some shops do sell them cheaper than others. I'm sure a supermarket will have them priced at less than The Body Shop and they will be exactly the same. They're quite simply designed, but they do work wonders. Just pop them on your hands, bash a bit of shower gel on them lather up and scrub away. The first few times they are quite rough, but they soften up after use without losing any of their exfoliating magic.

I would definately recommend to someone who suffers with dry, hard or flakey skin. After a good scrub, I feel a lot happier about myself and my skin is instantly softer (Olie has commented on my skin numerous times when I've used them after I've been lazy and not used them for a while).

I'm not sure if they would be suitable for excema, but if you ask in Boots or an assistant in The Body Shop, I'm sure they'd be able to let you know.

Go now and buy these!

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