13 Feb 2010

Evolve Mega Omega Moisture Cream

Today it's back to the skincare. I will progress to more alluring products, but every great look is achieved by lots of background work.


I got this sent to me from BeautyJudge on Wednesday (I think) and I've used it twice, both times after getting out of the shower on a morning. At first sniff, it reminded me of those milkybar yoghurt pots - really sweet and creamy. But then after applying it to my legs it smelt slightly more flowery fragranced.

The blurb says it contains 'inchi oils and almond peptides' but to me it doesn't smell almondy at all. Or if it does, it's the really finely ground almond you use when you make bakewell tarts. So the smell is really nice, but hard to place.

Does this matter? Most probably not. So onto better things! The cream is really easy to get out of the tube/bottle because it's a strange teardrop shape, I hope you can make that out in the picture above. A little goes a long way, BUT it sinks in so fast once I started to rub it in, I found I had to keep adding more and spreading it all over my legs like crazy to cover all my skin before it sank in. Almost a workout in itself!

The results are worth it though as my legs are silky smooth and there are no rough/dry patches that I usually have on my thighs and ankles.

It retails at about £11.99 for 200ml. If you suffer from dry patches or enjoy moisturising after showering or whenever you feel the urge, I would recommend this product. I especially like the fact that it's completely organic and eco friendly as the bottle is made from recycled milk bottles and can be recycled again. Another bonus to a fabulous product.

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