12 Feb 2010

Coco Mademoiselle Chanel Paris

So, instead of the skincare I started with, I thought today I'd review this badboy:


Olie bought this for me the Christmas before last and I have about half the bottle left. This is the eau de parfume spray as he couldn't afford the actual realdeal. It still smells really strong and lasts all day so I can't complain. From Boots at the moment the eau de parfume is £42.91 for 35ml and £56.20 for 50ml. I have the 35ml bottle and as I say it's lasted me over a year so I suppose it depends on how often you wear it (and reapply). I wore it everyday for a good 6 months, then I kept forgetting and now I only wear it when I go out.

It's quite a strong sweet smell, very distinctive and lovely. A perfect Valentines gift!

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