16 Feb 2010

Caca Rouge: Today's the day

So I've been to Lush and bought a block of Caca Rouge Henna hairdye for £7.10. As I'd only use about half of one of the two blocks I was given as a sample, the lady gave me another sample of two blocks as well as the 6 blocks I bought. So I have - or had - enough for three separate dying events.

I've used three blocks to cover my entire head and it is messy, but not as messy as I was expecting and I only used one of the several gloves they gave me to mash the mixture into my scalp.

I have to pick Olie up from work at 7pm so I'm thinking about picking him up with it on and then washing it out with his help. I'm so glad the lady gave me more and told me that if you use it like three days in a row it gets brighter and stronger so I'm going to do that for the next couple of days and also means that if I've missed anywhere, which I'm sure I have done, I can touch up without fear of having to run into town with shit hair.

Anyways, these are the before photos:

My hair isn't really all that bad to start with and I'm hoping that after dying it without using chemicals it might get even better. Although I definately need some kind of style cut into it.

This is how I currently look. Very Very attractive, don't you think?

I have clingfilm around my hair, then foil then my rasta hat so I look blooming gorgeous. I might rethink about going to pick Olie up if it's not dark enough out to hide the size of my head.

Will update later to show you what has happened to my do, but for now coursework beckons. Toodledo x


It's been on like three hours and little bits of it keep dribbling down my face, which freak me out every time because it's like a soft tickle. My head is SO warm, I don't quite believe it myself, but it's incredibly warm. I hope the warmth makes my hair take the colour well. I think it might be the heat that's melting the henna and making it dribble, but I have a handy wipe next to me.

Another Top Tip: They advise to use a cleanser to help keep the henna from dying your face and BY GOD USE IT. It's a miracle worker. Feels a bit weird going round with cream plastered around your hairline, but it really does help to keep the dye from making your face look diseased. A little bit of dye has run down from just infront of my ears where my sideburns would be if I were a man, and I didn't realise so I now have a really pinky/red patch on my jaw. I don't know whether it is the dye or just the manic scrubbing that's made it pink, but I'm hoping it's the latter.

Not too long now!


Oh. My. God.

Sooo much better than I thought! But, it's a gingery red not a bright-like-a-felt-tip-pen red. Anyways, these are the after photos :)

I left it on for about 5/6 hours and this is what it looked like. I'm pretty chuffed with it. Very vibrant... maybe a bit ginger, but not a shit ginger in any way. I think the foil and blowdrying the hair in clingfilm to make it hot first was a good idea.

It feels so strong and soft now too! We had to put conditioner in it to help get the cowpat mix out, but it came out easier than I thought. I'm so happy! And no chemicals either! I don't think I'll be using it tomorrow because it looks so good.



  1. That's awesome, I have blonde hair (lighter than yours was) and really want to try that...am I feeling that brave?

  2. the colour turned out very beautiful! Was it permanent? where your roots very different/striking?
    My hair is al little darker than yours and I really like to dye it wiht caca rouge but I'm afraid it is permanent.

    1. I kept dying it every three/four weeks for about four years. I stopped dying it two and a half years ago now and it took about 18 months for me to be able to dye over the henna to get rid of the redness, without it showing through. This is a permanent dye, but if you only do it once it will probably not last too long. Depends on your hair and how absorbent the strands are though :) good luck!