10 Feb 2010

Boots Botanics Day Shift Moisturiser

My aim is to give you a post everyday or at least every other day. I'm planning on taking a photo of my hands soon to show you the difference that Smitten has made to them. I've not used it since the day I bought it so my hands are already pretty dire. I think the before and after photos will show you how great it is.

Today though I'm going to review this badboy:


This is the Boots Botanics Anti Aging Day Shift SPF12 Moisturiser. I've been using it for about a month and I love it. Like the hand creams, it's very moisturising, but not overly greasy - so it's perfect for using under makeup.
The pot is 50ml and since using it, I've hardly dented the surface. The pot is FULL. You literally get everything you pay for (it's £4.99 in Boots).

Overall, a good price for a good product. It's a dream to use and it smells fresh - if you can smell it at all. I tend to put it on at night as well as in the day and my face has visibly improved. By that, I mean my skin is much more radiant and supple instead of quite dull and drawn. I totally love it!

Tomorrow I'm going to tell you about St Ives Olive Oil Facial Scrub so click the link in the side bar/toolbar at the top and follow!

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