15 Feb 2010

Barry M nail Paint

I bought this a few weeks ago, mainly because I was desperate for the Chanel minty colour polish, but I obvs can't afford that. So after reading a few nice reviews of Barry M, I thought I'd give it a whirl.

So I got the Mint Green 304 colour and I have to say the colour is gorgeous. The picture below is just a random picture of some Barry M nail paint that I found because nowhere seems to show the mint green version. Strange I know.


So, I hurried back home and quickly got out the polish and bashed a bit on. I have to say I seriously wasn't impressed. Yes, I admit that I expected a second and third coat, but I was NOT happy with the drying time. I make such a mess of my nails when they're drying and I try to leave them at least 10 minutes for them to dry mostly,(I bite my nails so there's not much of them to paint) but no Barry M needs so long, I couldn't be bothered to wait and in the end, after covering my whole hands and much of our flat in mint green, I got the polish remover out and just got rid of it. I keep looking and longing to wear it, but I don't have that much time.

Instead I used my Rimmel Lycra Pro Polish in 440 Orange Bliss.


I like this despite it showing up how short my nails are. It dries within minutes (literally like 2 minutes) and lasts for about a week. Seeing as I bite my nails, this really puts up with my nibbling. It costs a bit more at £4.49 while Barry M is £2.95, but I would definately pay the extra £1.50 for a polish that looks good and lasts.

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